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1519, Hernan Cortés Arives at Tenochtitlán
1588, Defeat of the Spanish Armada
1602, Hamlet Performed in London
1608, Invention of the Telescope
1776, Common Sense Published
1795, Mackay and Evans Expedition
1804, Corps of Discovery Opens the West

1805, The Weippe Encounter
1805, Pomp and the Corps of Discovery
1806, Lewis & Clark Overwinter at Ft Clatsop
1807, John Colter Explores Hell
1808, Eston Hemings Jefferson is Born
1809, Meriwether Lewis Slain
1824, Snake Country Expedition
1826, South West Expedition
1837, Smallpox Epidemic on the N. Plains
1842, Dinosaurs Discovered
1843, Oregon Trail Migration
1844, Oregon Trail Migration
1846, Mexican-American War
1855  U.S. Treaty with Walla Walla, Cayuse and Umatilla
1858. The Great Stink of London
1860, Pony Express
1863, Battle of Gettysburg
1864, Battle of the Crater
1864, Sand Creek Massacre
1864, Vigilantes Lynch Sheriff Henry Plummer
1864, The Long Walk
1865, The Last Battle of the Civil War
1865  Julia Dean Performs in Idaho City
1867, Medicine Lodge Treaty Signed
1868, Battles of the Washita
1872, Fighting Terrorism on the Frontier
1872, Yellowstone National Park Established
1874, The Black Hills Expedition
1875, First Running of The Kentucky Derby
1876, Battle of the Little Big Horn
1877, The Death of Crazy Horse
1877, The Nez Perce War
1878, Northern Cheyenne Exodus
1879, Thomas Edison Invents the Incandescent Light Bulb
1885, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
1886, Geronimo Surrenders
1892, Johnson County War
1898, U.S. Forces Invade Phillipines
1905, Idaho Governor Assassinated
1906, The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
1929, Bonnie McCarroll's Last Ride
1938, Kristallnacht
1941, Attack on Pearl Harbor
1945, Nazi Germany Surrenders to Allied Forces
1948, Disappearance of the Star Tiger
1955, Emmett Till Murdered

1963, "I Have a Dream" Speech
1969, Santa Barbara Oil Spill
1989, Fall of the Berlin Wall
Acts of God (disasters)
All Soul's March (halloween)
A Civil War Christmas (christmas)
A Long Drive Out of the Past (golf)
American Potluck (holidays)
An End to Drought (climate)
A Right Jolly Old Elf (christmas)
Backtracking on the Oregon Trail
Easter Bunnies, Eggs and Ham (easter)
Gold Dust in the Footlights
History of Christmas (christmas)
How America Lost Its Marbles (games)
Man in the Moon (moon)
Spring Forward (daylight savings)
The Mystery of Mistletoe (christmas)
The Old West Ranch That Time Forgot 
The War That Ended War (veterans day)
What's in a Name? (names)
What You Eat Is When You Are (food)


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