The Excellent Pub Quiz Book

The Excellent Pub Quiz Book

More than 10,000 Questions
by Roy Preston and Sue Preston

Carlton Publishing Group, 2017
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Reviewed in Good Spirits
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This country's massive appetite for trivia and pub quizzes shows no sign of abating, so Carlton Books has published the next in its series of Pub Quiz Books: The Excellent Pub Quiz Book, offering yet another helping of more than 10,000 pub-quiz questions on a huge variety of subjects.

Pop: 1950s

Which first No. 1 for Adam Faith was a question?
Who had a Secret Love in 1954?
What did Frankie Lane want you to do in his 1953 Christmas No. 1?
What was 'Cupid' in Connie Francis's No. 1 hit of 1958?

Movies: Harrison Ford.

What sort of 'Graffiti' was the title of a 1973 movie?
In which California city was 'Blade Runner' set?
Which Bonnie plays Ford's wife in 'Presumed Innocent'?

Horse Racing

Which horse had the nickname of Corky?
Which horse race was abandoned in 1997 after a bomb scare?
Which horse won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2007?
How much would you be wagering if you put a 'Monkey' on a horse?

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