The Biggest Pub Joke Book . . . Ever!

The Biggest Pub Joke Book . . . Ever!

Over 1,500 Jokes Inside
by  Tim Dedopulos

Carlton Publishing Group, 2017
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Reviewed in Good Spirits
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Everyone likes a good joke while they have a drink with their chums in the pub. This book contains 1,500 superb jokes of all descriptions worth shariing. Suitable for adults only.

An airplane lands at an airport with great difficult, stopping just short of an accident. When they arrive at the gate, the captain wipes his brow and says, 'My God, that's the shortest runway I've ever seen!'

'You're not kidding,' says his co-pilot, looking out the window. 'But it sure is wide.'

'Are caterpillars good to eat?' asked little Tommy at the dinner table.

'No,' said his father, 'what makes you ask a question like that while we are eating?

'You had one on your lettuce salad, but it's gone now,' replied Tommy.

A snake slithers into a pub and up to the bar.

The landlord says, 'I'm sorry, I can't serve you.'

'What? Why not?' asks the snake.

'Because,' says the landlord, 'you can't hold your booze.'

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