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Ride Western
A Complete Guide to Western Horsemanship
by Louis Taylor
The goal of Western horsemanship is to make the horse an extension of
your own physique, so that you can move any part of that extension as
deftly as you move your own body-but more swiftly and powerfully. The  rider must relax, move with the horse, and constantly be aware of the  horse's rhythmic motions.

This book offers the most comprehen­sive treatment of Western riding
avail­able, and is suited to both beginners and advanced horsemen. It
will also increase the fun of the spectator at rodeos and horse shows,
because it helps him under­stand what he's looking at and see things he was never aware of before.

The author gives a concise history of the development of Western
horsemanship over the past four and a half centuries, from the early
conquistadors through the era of the working cowboy with his spe­cial
needs, to today with its emphasis on riding for sport.

For the beginner the book explains what to do with a green horse and
continues step by step through training to the fin­ished product
suitable for competition or use as a personal mount. There are valu­able
hints about deciding on the type of horse you need, the qualities to
look for, how to buy, and how to house him. There are tips on the posture most conducive to relaxation and safety.

For the experienced horseman who wants to improve and become a winner in  a particular skill, Ride Western is a text and handbook containing  secrets and methods garnered .from the experience of top performers as well as from firsthand knowledge of the author. There is a great deal of material on special training and competing with the reining horse, the rope horse, the cutting horse, and the trail horse and on barrel racing and the show ring.

Ride Western
Ride Western
A Complete Guide to Western Horsemanship
by Louis Taylor

Wilshire Book Company,, 1968
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