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Cheerleading and Marching Bands
by Newt
Loken and Otis Dypwick
Mass cheering is as old as the history of armed combat. Way back in ancient times throngs of excited people lined the route of march of returning victorious warriors to cheer their conquests.

The modern high school and college phase of cheering led by a designated individual was ushered in at the University of Minnesota in 1898.

Johnny Campbell, an undergraduate, was selected yell marshall in that year. He stood before a football assemblage and directed it in the recitation of 'Rah-Rah-Rah...... Ski-u-Mah... Minne-so-ta!"

Although more than 30,000 high schools and colleges in the United States now engage in group vocal expression under the direction of cheerleaders, no one has ever prepared and published an authoritative text on the subject, one designed to instruct in detail on fundamentals and to raise the national standard of excellence.

It is to this end we present Cheerleading as a member of the Barnes Sports Library.
-- from the Introduction
Cheerleading and Marching Bands
Cheerleading and Marching Bands
by Newt Loken and Otis Dypwick

A.S. Barnes & Co., 1945
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